Underlying files for CPS Education Supplements (October)?

IPUMS has data from the CPS Education Supplements (October) back to 1976. I need to get the underlying files for these supplements, but NBER doesn’t have 1976, 1979 - 1983, or 1985 -1988.

Any idea where I can find these files?


You can access the education supplement data by creating an extract with IPUMS CPS (you’ll first need to create an account). On the samples page, you will find the education supplement samples under “Supplement Topics”. Some videos to help get you started are available here.

Additionally, we have each year of the education supplement codebooks available here.

Some of the variables I need are not in the IPUMS data set. That’s why I need the underlying files.


Unfortunately, I am unaware of additional sources for the data. You can try contacting the Census Bureau or the BLS.

Is there some else at IPUMS who might know where you got October Supplement data from? BLS and the Census only have CPS files back to 1994.


Would you mind sharing the variables that are of specific interest to you? You can either post them here, or email us at ipums@umn.edu. We may be able to make the variables you are interested in publicly available.