Unable to select MTONGUE in 1910

I am revising a data extract that includes the 1910 full census data and a number of variables. I want to simply include the MTONGUE variable in the revised extract but the variable selection screen does not allow this. The variable is shown as unavailable in my selected sample.

Unfortunately, the MTONGUE variable is no longer available on the 1910 full count file; the 1% and 1.4% samples both still include MTONGUE. The IPUMS USA revision history for February 9, 2021 describes the change:

MTONGUE and QMTONGUE were removed from the 1910 full count sample due to a data transcription error. MTONGUE information from the original Census forms was not transcribed into our digital version of the complete count 1910 data file. The derivation of this variable led to incorrectly high rates of English as a MTONGUE value. Only the 1910 full count file was affected by this error.