Trying to find # of households with income below 32k for each state, using 2010-2014 5 year ACS?


My name is Aaron, and as the title suggests, I’m trying to find the number of households with incomes below 32k for each state, using 2010-2014 5 year ACS sample data. When I create the table in SDA, I put the following information in:

Row: statefip

Column: hhincome(r: *-32000; 32001-*)

Weight: HHwt

However, when I generate the table, the numbers don’t seem to be correct. For example, N= 299,506,960 (weighted) for total number of observations. This can’t be correct, as the number of households in the US is much less than this. Nor could it be 1/5th of the households in the United States. Could anyone help me out? I’m really hoping to be get this right. Thanks!

Since you are conducting a household level analysis, you should just specify one person per household. For example, include pernum(1) in your filter.

Thank you!