Top coded UHRSWORK


I have downloaded data since 1950-2018 from IPUMS USA. As I browse my data, I see the variable UHRSWORK has some rows as top coded since 1980. From the articles I read and browsing IPUMS forum, I see it is INCWAGE that is top coded, not UHRSWORK. INCWAGE code shows (INCWAGE_CODE it is top coded since 1990.
Is there a correspondence I am missing? How can I replace the top-coded values in UHRSWORK?
Thank you.

UHRSWORK is also top-coded. Please see the codes page for UHRSWORK. A value of 99 indicates that the respondent usually works 99 or more hours.

Thank you very much @Matthew_Bombyk. I see it now that age is also top-coded.
I really appreciate your timely and helpful comments.