Swedish Censues 1880-1910: Missing Parish Names

In the data sets of the Swedish censuses (SweCens) from 1880-1910 there are 76 missing names or value labels on the numerical variable parse, which is the ID variable for parishes. Why is this? And where can I find the names?

Using the National Archives Database (NAD) in Sweden I can figure out some, but not all, of the names. For example, the value 188503000 on parse refers to the parish “Guldsmedshyttans församling”, see Guldsmedshyttans församling - NAD. But, for example, I cannot figure out the name of the value 160305001. I estimate that I can back out the name from NAD in 20% of all 76 cases, which is not satisfactory.

Moreover, the codebook for SweCens does not give the names of all parishes. For example, 188503000 is not in the codebook, and 188503000 does not seem to indicate that the name is unavailable.

Later edit: It turns out that, since the parse codes refer to official codes from Statistics Sweden (SCB), it is possible to attach names to almost all parse codes without names using REGINA by SCB at REGINA - Uttagssystemet för regionala indelningar. Now I only have a few unknown parishes, such as 018075000. Currently, I have no idea which parish or congregation this code denotes, although I understand, from codebooks by Statistics Sweden, that it refers to a congregation within Stockholm municipality (Stockholms kommun).

I think I was able to (almost) solve this issue using various resources: Förteckning - Sveriges församlingar genom tiderna | Skatteverket and http://regina.scb.se/. By “Okänd församling i Stockholms kommun” I mean “Unknown congregation in Stockholm Municipality”. Can someone at IPUMS verify this and let me know if the IPUMS dataset needs revision? I am still interested in the few names I currently don’t know.

parse parse_name
12006000 Gustavsberg
18001002 Storkyrkoförsamlingen
18003000 Kungsholm
18004000 S:t Göran
18006000 Gustav Vasa
18007000 Adolf Fredrik
18009000 Jakob
18070000 Okänd församling i Stockholms kommun (018070)
18071000 Okänd församling i Stockholms kommun (018071)
18072000 Okänd församling i Stockholms kommun (018072)
18073000 Okänd församling i Stockholms kommun (018073)
18075000 Okänd församling i Stockholms kommun (018075)
18078000 Okänd församling i Stockholms kommun (018078)
18090999 Hovförsamlingen
18092999 Tyska S:ta Gertrud
18093999 Finska
18101001 Södertälje
38001999 Uppsala
38002001 Helga Trefaldighet
38014000 Vänge
48001999 Nyköpings västra
58001001 Linköping
58031000 Bankekind
58105001 Norrköpings Borg
68005000 Huskvarna
108007000 Flymen
123006000 Uppåkra
128005000 Malmö S:t Johannes
128007000 Limhamn
128401000 Höganäs
128501000 Eslöv
128701000 Trelleborg
143501000 Grebbestads kyrkoområde
143507000 Fjällbacka kbfd
148007000 Göteborgs Johanneberg
148009000 Göteborgs Haga
148011000 Göteborgs Masthugg
148512000 Bäve
152403000 Stora Lundby
166013998 Bitterna
168405000 Södra Fågelås
168406000 Norra Fågelås
178301000 Hagfors
178401000 Arvika Östra
178402000 Arvika Västra
178501000 Säffle
186001000 Ramundeboda
186471000 Ljusnarberg
186471999 Ljusnarberg
188001999 Örebro Nikolai
188404000 Nora bergsförs.
188503000 Guldsmedshyttan
198101999 Sala stadsförs.
203902001 Älvdalens kbfd
208001000 Falu Kristine
208071000 Stora Kopparberg
208502000 Grängesberg
210103000 Lingbo
218204000 Ljusne
228101999 Sundsvall
228102000 Skönsmon
228301999 Sollefteå
228401000 Örnsköldsvik
258301001 Haparanda kbfd

The parish codes you have been unable to identify in PARSE are available in the source variables for PARSE. The IPUMS team has taken parish codes from each year and re-coded them into a single dataset that is consistent across years. In many cases, the parish code provided by the Swedish Census did not change, which resulted in the same code for PARSE that you were able to match with. In some cases, however, the parish code changed between Census years, resulting in a different code for PARSE than was assigned in the original Census data. For instance, I found that the example code you gave (in a previous version of your post) for which you have not been able to identify (160305001) is a code in the 1880 source variable for PARSE (SE1880A_PARSE); 160305001 = Sandbäck. I hope this helps.

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Thank you! This solves some problems. Unfortunately, it seems that there are no labels for some parishes and congregations. Why is that? For example, why is the value 018003000 on SE1910A_PARSE labeled [no label]?

Thank you for alerting us to this issue. We are looking into it and will respond here when we have solved the problem.

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There are eight parishes in the 1910 Swedish Historical Census that were not labeled in the original data (the cases you pointed out where SE1910A_PARSE shows “[no label]”). The IPUMS International team has recovered the names of these parishes (listed below), however these names were extracted from a string variable in the parish codes from a different source than the Swedish Historical Census, so there may be discrepancies. These labels will be updated in the data with the next IPUMS International data release.

018001002 Nikolai
018003000 Jakob
018072000 Svea artilleriregemente
018073000 Svea ingenjörkår
018101001 Gävleborgs
058105001 Borg och Löt Östergötlands
188001999 Svea trängkår
203902001 Evertsberg