Supplements Schedule in 2021?

I looked at the IPUMS-CPS Rotation Pattern Explorer to learn which supplements were occurring in which months in 2021. At present no supplements are listed. I went to the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics and could find no information posted. Does anyone know in which months during 2021 which supplements will be fielded, or know where I should go to find that information?


The RoPES tool only lists the samples that are currently available through IPUMS CPS; as the 2021 supplement data have not yet been released, they are not included. Some information about periodic releases of special supplemental data are available from the BLS News Releases page, I would also point you to this summary information on supplemental surveys in the CPS, which provides a general overview of when supplements are fielded. While it is technically only for 2005-2018, the general timing and patterns of the supplements are fairly consistent. You can also learn more about the supplements in chapter 1-3 of Technical Paper 77.