Spouse when cbhhtype indicates cohabiting couple

I am creating a data extract from the 2019 ACS and want to include cohabiting couples using the cbhhtype variable. I also want to use the “attach characteristics” option to identify earnings and other characteristics of the spouse or partner. If I select “spouse” will that include the partner when cbhhtype indicates a cohabiting couple?

IPUMS does extensive work in constructing probable spouse/partner links such as among unmarried cohabiting couples. SPLOC is the result of this linking work and is used for attaching the spouse characteristics. This page details the rules IPUMS follows in determining the values for SPLOC. Since 2017, SPLOC has linked spouses within same-sex couples and cohabiting couples. All cohabiting couples in the 2019 ACS therefore have a SPLOC value that provides the person number for their spouse, allowing the spouse characteristics to be attached.