Identifying same-sex couples (married or otherwise)

What codes in the CPS core (I’m using the Nov and Dec supplements if that matters) can be used to identify same-sex couples? If the couple is married and identifies their spouse what variables are the best way to identify them? Moreover, is there a way to identify same-sex couples if they don’t state they are married? I.e., is there a “partnership” response or spouse identified besides via marriage or a connection between partners/spouses even if the marital status selected is not “married”? I don’t know if many households have a couple that is not listed as head of household, which may make matters complex in a few cases if that status is required to find married couples. Thank you for any suggestions.

IPUMS family interrelationship variable SPLOC provides the person number (PERNUM) of the respondent’s spouse based on an IPUMS algorithm which incorporates responses to RELATE, SEX, AGE, and occasionally order information. You can find more details on how spouses are matched on the SPRULE variable description tab. SPLOC includes both married and cohabiting same-sex couples. It does not require either individual to be the householder. You can differentiate between married spouses and cohabiting partners with MARST and specifically identify same-sex couples by attaching SEX in the attach characteristics option in the extract request menu. If you’re looking for the original self-reported responses, you can find them in the variables ASPOUSE and PECOHAB.

I hope that helps!

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