Seeking specific county-level foreign-born population and insurance coverage tables


I am looking for some help locating (if they exist) the following Census tabulations:

foreign-born population by county-educational attainment, 1990 and/or 2000 Census
insurance coverage by county-race/ethnicity, 1990 and/or 2000 Census
insurance coverage by county-educational attainment, 1990 and/or 2000 Census

It’s possible these do not exist at the county level, but I am having a hard time determining if that’s true or if I’m not looking in the right places.


Hi Katya,

Unfortunately, we do not have any of the tabulations you list in NHGIS. The Census Bureau didn’t start reporting insurance coverage until the 2010 American Community Survey. We have county-level insurance coverage by race/ethnicity or by educational attainment for many ACS datasets, but it’s not available for the 1990 or 2000 decennial censuses.

In terms of foreign born population by educational attainment, it is available for states in the 1990 but not for counties. I don’t see anything available for 2000.

In all of your examples, you can generate tabulations from the Census microdata, available from IPUMS USA. We identify a number of counties (generally counties with relatively large populations) in the microdata but not all. A list of identified counties is available in this spreadsheet.

  • Dave Van Riper

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your prompt response! I will look into generating tabulations from the microdata.

Thank you,