Sas survey means

Hoping someone with SAS expertise can help me solve a coding issue.
I’m trying to obtain mean income for adults, by a categorical variable “doubled up” and by PUMA (“GEOID” below).

Here is my code:

PROC surveymeans DATA=merged NOMCAR clm cv;
class doubledup;
domain GEOID;
cluster cluster;
strata strata;
var INCTOT doubledup;
weight perwt;
where age>17;

The output, though (attached) describes the proportion of people within each category of “doubled up” but does not compute distinct estimates of the mean for INCTOT. Any advice on how to get that result?

inctot3.csv (3.0 KB)

I think you should add DOUBLEDUP to the DOMAIN statement and remove it from the VAR statement, and remove the CLASS statement altogether. The DOMAIN statement lists the variables that will be used to define subgroups in the analysis.

If you want to compute the mean income separately for GEOID levels and DOUBLEDEP levels, then include:

DOMAIN geoid doubledup ;

If you want the mean computed within combinations of GEOID and DOUBLEDUP then include:

DOMAIN geoid*doubledup ;