Relationship file between 2010 Census tracts and 2000 PUMA


I was wondering whether there is a crosswalk/relationship file between 2010 census tracts and 2000 PUMA boundaries. I tried to find it but I guess there isn’t.

If there’s no crosswalk file, I’m thinking of just using GIS shape files to determine their relationships, but I know they don’t really align well, so I wanted to ask whether there is a recommended procedure to assign each 2010 census tract to each 2000 PUMA.


IPUMS doesn’t have a public version of this crosswalk; only an internal version that isn’t presently in an easily shareable state.

I recommend you use the Geocorr website, which generates correspondence files for most census geographies of the same era. The Geocorr 2018 site includes 2010 census tracts and 2000 PUMAs. For the 2000 PUMAs, look under “Other Geographies.”

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