Refugees/Internally forcibly displaced people

Hi IPUMS team/users,

I inquire concerning your experience of covering refugees and internally forcibly displaced people in the international census data, as in can I expect the data/population estimates to also include the number of refugees and internally forcibly displaced people in a region/country?

I am aware of the questions on migration as well as the refugee status variable, however, they have a limited universe or do not yield insights if the person is a refugee / internally forcibly displaced person.

Among the data sets I am particularly interested in Cameroon, Rwanda, and Tanzania. I appreciate it is a very general question, thank you for your help!


Information on refugees or internally displaced people is limited in most international census data. Only a select number of census samples (a) collect that information and (b) make it available in their public use microdata files. The migration questions and the refugee status variable, that you link above, are the best sources for this information. Unfortunately, however, I am not aware of any information in IPUMS International on refugee status or internally displaced people in Cameroon, Rwanda, or Tanzania.

Thanks Jeff!