Question of finding veteran data


I would like to understand the demographic and economic status of veterans in aggregation of tracts in NYC. I know IPUMS ACS has a variable related to vet status and other related demographic and economic variables, however, it doesn’t have sub-PUMA data and I’m interested in geographic levels that are aggregation of tracts. However, I couldn’t find vet status variable in IPUMS NHGIS and I want to confirm I didn’t miss any related variables on vet status. If this is true, are there any other datasets at IPUMS can meet my needs?


Information about veteran status is available at the census tract (and even smaller) geographic level through IPUMS NHGIS. To find these tables, while filtering on Topic, select “Military Service” in the Population tab. For instance, “Sex by Age by Veteran Status for the Civilian population 18 years and over” (table B21001) is available for 2019; it is a summary of veteran status from the 2019 ACS 5-year sample. You might find these tutorials on Using the NHGIS Data Finder and How to Filter in NHGIS helpful.