Question concering 'education and job requirements' projections for Dallas- Fort Worth- Arlington Metro Area


I’m looking at some info on ‘education and job requirements’ projections over the coming years. One thing I’m looking at that breaks it down by racial/ethnic category for the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metro area cites IPUMS. I’ve been going through your site trying to find where this information came from, the criteria behind it, and any other pertinent or useful background information; however, I cannot seem to find any search tool that will help me narrow the results to the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metro area and education levels and job requirements. Can you offer me guidance?

If it helpful, here is the page that sites your institution:,_TX_Metro_Area/false/Education_Level:Some_college_or_higher/

Thank you, Trey

Through the link you provided, I see a question-mark icon at the top, next to the title of the graph. Moving my cursor over that icon, I see a more detailed description of the data presented in the graph, as well as a link to the National Equity Atlas Data & Methods: Technical Documentation. If you open that document and scroll down to page 2, you’ll see Table 1 supplies a detailed summary of which sources were used.

They cite two IPUMS websites. The first, which they cite as “IPUMS”, is our IPUMS USA site, which provides U.S. census microdata. The second is our IPUMS NHGIS site, which provides U.S. census geographic summary tables and GIS boundary files.

The datasets they list for each of these IPUMS sites do not include the 2015 data that is being presented on the web page you linked to. I suspect their main source for that particular data is the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, which they’ve also cited under the graph.

Both IPUMS USA and IPUMS NHGIS do supply data on education and employment by race and ethnicity, but not by job requirements. If you’d like to learn more about what we do have available and how to obtain it, I recommend you begin by consulting the IPUMS USA User’s Guide and NHGIS Project Description and User’s Guide. Feel free to respond with follow-up questions if you have any after reviewing those pages.