Question about IND1990 for not in the labor force


I have a question about IPUMS USA data. When I look at those workers not in the labor force, why there is still information about their industry. Is this information of industry reliable? Is this referring to their last working industry, I mean the industry where they are before leaving the labor market?

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The industry information is reliable. Note that the Universe for the IND1990 (in the ACS samples) is “persons age 16+ who had worked within the previous five years, not new workers.” So, if an individual had worked within the last five years, then the industry code represents this job. Importantly for your question, note that even workers who are currently not in the labor force are included in the industry variable if they meet the universe criteria.



Thanks for replying me. Then my question is the IND1990 represents for the past five year’s industry where the person (not in the labor force) work, or the latest one. I am looking for a variable can best reflect the industry the person stays before he becomes unemployed or leaves the job market.



As long as I am understanding what you are trying to identify correctly, then the IND variables (including IND1990) should give you the information you are looking for.


Hi Jeff

So you mean the ind1990 refers to the last year where the individual is employed before he leaves the job market or get unemployed?

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Yes, but only if that person is 16 year or older and has worked within the last five years.