PWPUMA Numbers

Hi, I’m looking for the data dictionary on MA’s place-of-work PUMAs. I’m not sure the POWPUMA numbers correspond to the same towns as the PUMA numbers do, i.e. Boston has 4 PUMAs for residents (3301-3305) but only one PUMA code for the POWPUMA variable (3300). Where can I get the POWPUMA town names?



In most cases, place-of-work PUMAs are identical to PUMAs. In some cases, however, multiple PUMAs are combined to form one larger place-of-work PUMA. This is the case with Boston, where PWPUMA00=3300 combines PUMAs 3301-3305.You can find links to the crosswalks between place-of-work PUMAs and PUMAs here.

Hope this helps.