Is it possible to access a disaggregated PWPUMA00 variable?


I am looking into commuting to work by PUMA. the “PUMA” variable itself for the place of residence is accessible by each individual PUMA in a state, however, it looks like the PUMA for place of work (“PWPUMA00”) has been aggregated so that all PUMAs in a county are combined into the aggregate county. Is it possible to see place of work PUMAs individually?

Thank you!

Unfortunately the codes in PWPUMA00 are the lowest geographic level available in the PUMS. PUMAs defined for place of work differ slightly from PUMAs defined for place of current residence. In most cases, the two are identical. For a few cases, however, multiple PUMAs of residence are combined to form a larger PUMA of work. I’m sorry we can’t be of more assistance.