PROPTX99 after 2017

The PROPTX99 availability tab shows this variable is not available after 2017.

What’s the reason for this? (Is it no longer collected by the Census Bureau? Or does it have a different name?)

I am asking because related variables such as PROPINSR, TAXINCL and INSINCL are available after 2017.

The harmonized version of this variable has an error which is currently being fixed by the IPUMS USA team for 2018 and 2019. It should be released in the next few months. In the meantime you can merge the source variable onto your extract using the files available at The variable is called TAXAMT.

The Census file can be matched to the IPUMS USA extract by merging the Census ID variables SERIALNO and SPORDER with the corresponding IPUMS ID variables CBSERIAL and CBPERNUM. The IPUMS household ID (CBSERIAL) is formatted slightly differently than the original Census ID. The Census variable is a 14-character string with “HU” or “GQ” in positions 5-6. The IPUMS variable is a 14-digit number, with position 5-6 being “00” for housing units (“HU”) and “01” for group quarters (“GQ”). You can convert one of the variables to be compatible with the other, or you can skip that step by including the source variables for CBSERIAL in your extract. No conversion is necessary for CBPERNUM.

Thanks for the informative answer and the instructions for a temporary fix!

To follow up on my previous post, the IPUMS USA team has now made the Source Variables of PROPTX99 available for the 2018 and 2019 1-yr and 5-yr samples. The harmonized variable will be re-released for these samples later this summer. The source variables can be found at these links:

IPUMS USA: descr: US2018A_TAXAMT - 2018 1 yr
IPUMS USA: descr: US2018C_TAXAMT - 2018 5 yr
IPUMS USA: descr: US2019A_TAXAMT - 2019 1 yr
IPUMS USA: descr: US2019C_TAXAMT - 2019 5 yr

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Fantastic - thanks so much for following up on this!

Any update on when the corrected harmonized variables will be available?

They are scheduled to be released tomorrow!