Our first public APIs are live!

IPUMS NHGIS Data Extracts and Metadata are now accessible via API!

IPUMS is excited to announce that our first public APIs are ready for testing! You can now browse IPUMS NHGIS metadata using our IPUMS NHGIS Metadata API. You can also submit and retrieve extracts using our IPUMS NHGIS Data Extract API. If you would like to become a beta tester, follow the steps detailed in our developer portal here: Get Started!

To learn more about what the IPUMS API Program is you can read about it here. If you aren’t sure what any of this means, start here:

This is just the beginning. Eventually the IPUMS API Program will support all of our data products, enabling new and innovative ways for people to access and interact with these important data resources.

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Fantastic initiative! Any sense on timing of data access? I’m especially interested in Time Use data right now.

Thank you!

We don’t have a timeline yet, but we do plan to support all of our data products! As we add new features, functionality, and data we will be sure to post about it here, so stay tuned!