NHGIS Time Series and Table-Level Metadata Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the release of a new set of features for our beta NHGIS Metadata and Data Extract APIs. Highlights include:

  • Time Series Tables. For the first time, the NHGIS time series tables are now available via API.
  • Table-Level Metadata. The metadata API has been extended to allow users to request details of a table, including variable descriptions and codes and universe information.
  • Check Status of Single Data Extract Request. The new GET /data_extract/:number allows users to get the status of a specific request.
  • Limit result set size of the Data Extract Requests (GET /data_extracts) endpoint. Due to performance issues related to users with > 1,000 extract requests, we’ve limited this endpoint to returning the most recent 10 extracts by default. This behavior can be overridden with the ?limit=### parameter.

These changes and more are documented at developer.ipums.org. As usual, this is a beta product, so YMMV. Please report any bugs or questions to the IPUMS API program team in this forum. Enjoy!