OCC10LY exists for ASEC?


Hi, I noticed there are OCC50LY and OCC90LY variables for ASEC, corresponding with the OCC1950 and OCC1990 variables. Is there or are there plans to create an OCC10LY for pairing with OCC2010? If it doesn’t exist, is it possible to share the detailed methodology/code for creating OCC2010 so I can create this myself in a consistent way?




The OCC50LY and OCC90LY variables are recodes of the information contained in OCCLY. Due to codes for OCCLY and OCC being exactly the same (except for in 1962-1967) you can create your own version of “OCC10LY” by using this table (provided by the IPUMS-USA project) to recode OCCLY into the scheme used in 2010. We will pass along your interest in an IPUMS-created “OCC10LY” variable, however I’m not able to say when this variable will be released.



Thanks Jeff. However, this crosswalk still doesn’t clarify how OCC2010 was constructed.

Some examples:

  1. in OCC2010, the code 0030 is “Managers in Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations”, whereas this codes is “legislators” in both the 2003-10 and 2011+ coding schemes.

  2. code 0205 exists in OCC2010 and the 2011+ codes. But not in 2003-2010 codes. Same case with code 1050.

  3. 3130 is the code for RN in OCC2010 and the 2003-10 codes. But not the in the 2011+ codes. Similar case with code 0560

Given these (among others), it’s not clear which coding scheme the OCC2010 variable captures (2003-2010 or 2011+?). It seems there were additional coding decisions made for OCC2010 that aren’t captured in the crosswalk. Does documentation of this exist anywhere?



Unfortunately documentation on this is lacking. There is a nice crosswalk available for OCC1990 and OCC that should replicate reasonably well for OCC2010. Additionally, you could create your own crosswalk of sorts between OCC1990 and OCC2010 by including both variables in an IPUMS extract. I’m sorry this isn’t a straightforward process.



No worries, thanks Jeff.



For anyone stumbling upon this question, OCC10LY has been added as of May 2017. Thanks IPUMS team!