Confused at coding of OCC2010

I’m very confused at the coding of the variable OCC2010. The codes listed here seem to be codes from 2002, not 2010 (with some exceptions - e.g., 5165 is there). And, many of them are incorrect. For example, 0030 should be “Legislators”, but is listed as “Managers in Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations”.

Am I missing something?


The OCC2010 variable is based on the CPS occupational coding scheme used from 2003-2010 (see list of codes here). The specific OCC2010 value that you mention (“0030: Managers in Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations”) combines the OCC codes “0040: Advertising and promotions managers”, “0050: Marketing and sales managers”, and “0060: Public relations managers” into a single category.

Hope this helps.