Obtaining an API key

It says IPUMS uses a common user management system for several data projects: IPUMS International, IPUMS USA, IPUMS CPS, IPUMS Higher Ed, NHGIS, IPUMS Health Surveys, IPUMS Time Use, and IPUMS Terra.

I have an account with the following start to the login URL

Is this part of the common user management system or do I need to create another account in order to obtain an IPUMS API key? The credentials for the account I usually use for IPUMS USA and NHGIS isn’t recognized from the URL for obtaining an API key

Hi Justin,

It is all part of the same account, and you should be able to generate an API key using the same credentials as usual. The instructions here: Get Started with the IPUMS API | IPUMS Developer Portal are the way we recommend people generate their API keys. Note that the URL we direct users to is https://account.ipums.org/api_keys

If your normal credentials aren’t working on that page, make sure they are still working to log into any of the IPUMS data collections for which you’re registered. Once logged in via a data collection you can try the https://account.ipums.org/api_keys address again and it should not prompt for additional login.

Let me know if you are still having issues after trying these steps.

Hi Fran,
Thank you.
The problem is that it does prompt for an additional login and that additional login does not accept my normal credentials. I’ve also tried logging in via both the IPUMS USA and NHGIS collections and trying the IPUMS Login address again, but I’m invariably prompted for that additional login that doesn’t accept my normal credentials. I thought this could have something to do with the ‘uma.pop.umn.edu’ sub and second-level subdomains since they’re not the same as the ‘account.ipums.org’, but there’s apparently more to this.

Hi Justin,

Can you try logging into https://uma.pop.umn.edu/api_keys (using your regular IPUMS credentials)?

Under the hood https://account.ipums.org/api_keys is essentially an alias for https://uma.pop.umn.edu/api_keys. Since you’re already able to log into IPUMS USA and NHGIS via uma.pop.umn.edu, we’re hoping you’ll have better luck using that domain to log into the API keys page.

Let me know how this goes for you!

This worked splendidly. Thank you Marcus!

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Oh that’s great to hear, Justin! Thanks for letting us know!