Obtain preliminary 1-in-200 "Minnesota" 1900 sample?

I am replicating a study that may have used the preliminary version of the “Minnesota” 1900 U.S. Census sample, which is 1-in-200. The final version sample is 1-in-100. See https://web.archive.org/web/200306230…

I am wondering if there is any way to obtain a snapshot of this preliminary 1-in-200 version. I have not found a download link or an appropriate field. E.g., SAMP1900 does not appear to help.


Oh, I think I got it:



Alas, no, the NBER snapshots have the Preston 1-in-760 sample, so that does not answer my question after all.

I see a link to the file here, but unsurprisingly it doesn’t work anymore:


The link is ftp://ftp.ipums.org/ipums/data/ip19001.Z

I finally figured out that it is the odd-numbered reels from the 1-in-100 sample, which one can select using the variable REEL. Steven Ruggles confirmed via Twitter.