not Stata format (tried with Stata 12.1)



I have been using Indonesian Census data before and there was no problem when I downloaded up to three years of Census data. Now, I selected all the sample (1971-2010) = 9 years = 10.98Gb Stata data file. It is .dta file. I am trying to open it with my Stata 12.1 (iMac) but it keeps saying:

file ~/Downloads/ipumsi_00009.dta not Stata format


Really hope for some clue here. Many many thanks. Imelda



Formatted IPUMS extracts are designed for later versions of Stata. You have a couple options. First, there is a Stata package called use13 that you can download within Stata. This will allow you to import Stata 13 files into Stata 12. Second, you can download the text-version of your data extract, along with the generated Stata command file, and use this instead of the formatted .dta file.

Hope this helps.