Multigeneration Housing For Millennials

I am trying to calculate how many Millennials in 2018 lived in a multigeneration household. I am using MULTGEN to determine how many households are considred multigeneration, but because it is a household variable I am not sure how to combine age, a person variable.

I’ve created a combined dataset to examine person with household variables but I do not know how to determine how many Millennials aged (22-37) in 2018 lived in a multigeneration households. I read to set Pernum=1 but would that only include one person from each household and not determine how many Millennials are still living with their parents.

There are probably many valid ways to perform this task. I’d do this by creating an IPUMS USA extract with both household and person level variables (e.g., including MULTGEN, AGE, etc.) Then, I’d calculate a weighted count of individuals who meet the following criteria: MULTGEN>1 & AGE>21 & AGE<38. Notice this task seems to require the analysis be performed on the individual level, since you want to count individuals. This is possible because, in IPUMS USA data, household level variables are simply the same for every individual within a given household. Therefore there is no need to set PERNUM==1 in this case.