Monthly Data

  • Does the CPS provide representative demographic information on a monthly basis?

  • If so, what is the smallest level of geographic information? Is it the metropolitan area?

  • Are the “ACS 1 Year Estimates” only representative for yearly demographic figures (and not monthly)?

In IPUMS CPS you have the option of analyzing ASEC data (available by year), the Basic Monthly data (available by month), and Supplemental Topics (collected on a semi-regular basis as supplements to the Current Population Survey).

IPUMS CPS does provide various demographic variables on a monthly basis. You can browse available variables here. The smallest level of geographic data available could be either COUNTY or the Metropolitan Area (METAREA). You can browse household geographic information here.

IPUMS USA provides annual ACS data. You can learn more about available samples and get general information about IPUMS USA and the ACS here.

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Is the CPS also representative on county / metropolitan area? This suggest that it is only representative on state and larger metropolitan area:…

Thank you!

You can look at each variable to see if it is representative for your analysis. For example, the COUNTY variable description notes that “to preserve respondent confidentiality, not all counties are identified; however, about 45 percent of households in recent years are located in a county that is identified.”

Similarly, you should look at the available tabs for METAREA, such as the codes section; you will see which METAREAs are available for certain samples.

My apologies if this is not entirely helpful, but whether or not COUNTY or METAREA will be a good variable to use will depend on the intent of your analysis and which samples you have selected.