ASEC CPS and demographic traits

I am using ASEC data and can only find demographic data on the CPS files (not ASEC). In the past, the demographic information available on the ASEC supplement was also available on the ASEC files. How can I get the demographic (and other information) from the ASEC supplement that is not listed on the ASEC variable tabs but on the monthly CPS data?

Hi Marlene,

My experience is that you can get the demographics and other basic monthly questions that are also asked in the ASEC by going to the Person (or HH) → Core tab in the variable selector.

Here, at least in my view (the default with no samples selected), you can see from the little checkboxes that most demo questions are asked in the core and ASEC. So, selecting those variables–even though they’re in the core tab–will still work for your ASEC dataset.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! So I should choose the variables before choosing the sample? Is that the trick? (I chose ASEC first and didn’t see those variables so then chose the CPS to get them).

Hmm… I just tested this and even when I selected ASEC-only samples, I could still navigate to the Person → Core tab under “Select Variables” and pick the variables. Not sure why it’s not appearing for you! I might have to defer to an IPUMS staffer then, sorry!

Thanks! I did that too but got not only ASEC data but lots of CPS data (all the months) for the years I had chosen for the ASEC.

Am I understanding correctly that you’re not seeing any demographic variables when you select an ASEC supplement as your sample? If so, I’m not exactly sure why that might be the case, so it might be best to take this step-by-step.

Once you’re on the IPUMS CPS homepage, you want to hit Get Data and then Change Samples on the top left. That will send you to a page where you can select CPS Basic Monthly surveys and ASEC supplements. In the first screenshot I’ve attached I’ve selected the 2021 ASEC and no Basic Monthly surveys. Please make sure none of the basic monthly samples are selected from the basic monthly tab.

Once you’ve done that, hit Submit Sample Selections. Now you should be able to find demographic variables under Person → Core → Demographics (shown in the second screenshot). If you click on Demographics, you’ll be sent to a page which lists all of the demographic variables and whether they’re available for your sample. The third screenshot I’ve attached shows that all but three demographic variables are available in this ASEC sample.

Please let me know if I’ve misunderstood your question or if your page looks any different.