Moderate and vigorous exercise - data values 8 to 28


I am examining the MOD10FWK variable and am attempting to understand the values I see. MOD10FWK is a 2 digit number that should correspond with number of times per week an individual reported 10+ minutes of moderate exercise. I do not understand the values 8 through 28, however.

I have examined the original NHIS codebook and the source question for this variable was paired with a units variable that allowed respondents to specify times per day, week, month or year. I am assuming the values 1-7 are number of times per week and those 8-28 are times per month. Is it possible to get confirmation of this?

Also, are any of the values for the units times per day or per year?



The variable MOD10FWK is a recoded variable created by the National Center for Health Statistics that transforms the two variables you see in the original NHIS codebook into a consistent time unit of “times per week.” Respondents were able to report multiple instances of light or moderate physical activity for a single day, so the values 8-28 represent the same thing as values 1-7 (times per week).

If you are interested in seeing the original responses to the NHIS questions without the recode, you can pair the variable MOD10FNO (frequency of moderate activity 10+ minutes) with MOD10FTP (time period of frequency of moderate activity 10+ minutes).

I hope this helps!