NHIS work arrangement variable


I’m looking at the WRKARRNG variable and wondering what happened to temp agency workers between 2010 and 2015. And likewise to regular, standard employees.


Also, given that the item is asked to adults aged 18+ who are currently employed or were employed during the last 12-month period, are NIU those who were out of the labor force (or not employed at all) during the reference period? Could you please clarify the definitions of NIU as well as the regular, standard employees? Thanks!

The large differences in frequencies from 2010 to 2015 that you pointed out is the result of an error with the 2015 codes for the WRKARRNG variable. I have alerted the NHIS team and they are working to fix this variable; they are expecting to have it fixed sometime in June. Until then, you can correct this issue yourself by mapping the 2015 codes accordingly:

Current Code → Correct Code
1 → 1
2 → 3
3 → 5
4 → 6
7 → 7
8 → 8
9 → 9

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