Mobile phone (P19a) and internet use (P19b) question in Ghana 2010 data set - not included?

Dear All,

I am looking for questions P19a and P19b from the Ghana 2010 census which cover the individual characteristics of having a mobile phone and internet use.

These questiosn were newly introduced in the 2010 census, but I cannot find them in the IPums data set, are they not covered? And if so, is there a way to obtain those?

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Yes the internet and mobile phone data are available in the 2010 census sample of Ghana–as “unharmonized variables”.

After selecting the Ghana 2010 sample on the variable selection page, click “unharmonized variables”, then select “person,” scroll down and click “Other”. The following variables will appear:

| Add to cart. Remove from cart. | GH10A_CELLPHON | Mobile phone | P | Ghana 2010 |
| Add to cart. Remove from cart. | GH10A_INTERNET | Internet | P | Ghana 2010 |

As more census samples have data on these items, an integrated variable will be mad available to users. Ghana 2010 has the distinction of being the first sample with these data integrated into the IPUMS-International database.