Missing values for sploc_mom and sploc_pop

When I run momloc*poploc for people LT 18 in 2017, there are no missing values, but when I run sploc_mom*sploc_pop, the vast majority (9%+) of cases have missing values for one or both variables.

Where can I find the data for sploc_mom and sploc_pop? Was it not linked up in the data file?

Thanks for any help!


The issue here is that for the variables MOMLOC and POPLOC, when there is no mother or father in the household, the value is ==0. When using the Attach Characteristics tool, however, cases where there is no mother or father in the household are treated as “missing” since there is literally no characteristic to attach from that individual’s mother or father. So, in any given IPUMS CPS sample the vase majority of individuals will not be living with their mother or father.

Oops! My bad; so sorry, but thanks for the clarification!