Migration variable


I am using migpuma and migplace5 to identify the puma regions that individuals live five years ago. The dictionary of migpuma says this variable is different than puma variable and only shows the three digits. So if I want to convert the migpuma to the uniform defined puma variable, how should I do it?


We have a page that discusses the relationship between migration PUMAs and PUMAs (see this link). As long as I understand your question correctly, the information on that page should be exactly what you are looking for.

Following up on Jeff’s post, the correct link to our 2000 Migration PUMA definitions page is here. That page lists the 2000 PUMAs that comprise each 2000 Migration PUMA. We also recently created an Excel document specifying all of these relationships, but we haven’t posted it to the site yet. I’m attaching it here.

Note that Migration PUMAs consist of one _or more_ PUMAs, so it’s often not possible to “convert the migpuma to the … puma variable.” Where a Migration PUMA consists of 2 or more PUMAs, you can only convert in the other direction, from the PUMAs to the Migration PUMA.

ipums_usa_puma_migpu.xlsx (65.6 KB)