Mexico International Migration


I was looking at the questionnaire for Mexico Population census and housing 2010. There are a few questions in this questionnaire that I cannot find in the dataset regarding international migration:

  1. Date of emigration Q8
  2. Current country of residence Q11
  3. Date of return Q12
  4. Current resident condition Q13

These variables come from a supplemental data file. Specifically, the details for the Mexico 2010 migration supplementary file are available here. This file contains information on household members who moved abroad in the previous 5 years and may have returned.

Thanks Jeff!

I am just getting confused with the variable in “migid” from the supplemental data and “intmig2” from the main dataset.

Correct me if I am wrong:

  1. Supplemental: “migid” tells us in the last 5 years how many international migrants are there.
    Main data: “intmig2” tells us prior to June 2005 how many international migrants were there.

  2. Another point is that I can only know when a person returned from June 2005- 2010 if the person went abroad after june 2005 from the supplemental data. However, I will not be able to know when a person returned if he/she went prior to June 2005.

The key difference between the migration data in the supplemental file and the migration data in the core census file, for the Mexico 2010 sample, is that respondents in the core census file must be present in the household during the time of the census. This is not the case for those included in the supplemental migration file, who could be currently abroad or have already returned. Your second point is correct about the limitation of the supplemental migration file. For feasibility and quality purposes data collection efforts, like this one, need to set boundaries on the information they gather in some way.

Thanks, Jeff!
This helps.