Mexico municipality of residence 5 years ago

The 2000, 2010 and 2015 Mexican census all have “municipality of residence 5 years ago” in the questionnaire, in addition to state and country of residence. However, when selecting data, this municipality-level variable is not present in the migration variables. And yet, I have seen various authors use this variable and claim that it is available in the IPUMS international public-use. How can I get this variable?

This is a good question. The “municipality of residence” variables are all available as source variables in IPUMS International, rather than harmonized variables. You can view the source variables by selecting the radio button on the top of the Select Data page. In particular, MX2000A_RESMUN is municipality of residence in 1995, MX2010A_MIGMUNI5 is municipality of residence in 2005, MX2015A_MIGMUN5 is municipality of residence in 2010.