Metarea in 1960


When I selected all samples and checked the availability of metarea in 1960, there is an “i” icon saying that the variable is not available in the selected sample, but it is available in another sample in this year, and please check the availability section of the variable documentation. However, there is only one sample in 1960, and the availability section of metarea documentation shows that the variable is unavailable in 1960.

So I was wondering why the two sources of information regarding the availability of metarea in 1960 are conflicting and whether there is a way to get metarea in 1960.

Thank you very much!




Unfortunately the “i” icon for 1960 is a known error. You are correct that there is currently only one sample available for 1960 and Metarea is not available for that sample. IPUMS-USA is currently working on correcting this issue.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.