MET2013 & CITY in 2020 ACS?

I must have totally missed this, because I’m still evaluating the quality of the 2020 ACS data, but I just noticed there are no MET2013 or CITY variables in that file? Is there any expectation that those would ever be added?

Is there any documentation as to why those variables weren’t included? Presumably the PUMAs are unchanged, so you could always map the geography back to the 2019 file?

These variables are included in the 2020 ACS file. For some reason the codes for those two variables for this sample were not displaying properly on the codes pages last week, but they are displaying now. Please follow up if you are still having issues.

Hmm, still not showing on the CITY or MET2013 variable lists as of 4/11, which is what made me think it wasn’t available.

Can you post a screenshot showing this? Also what browser are you using?

For reference here is a screenshot that I just took of MET2013, and CITY looks similar:

Odd. I’m accessing this website via safari. I even cleared by browser cache and still see all missing for 2020 for CITY and MET2013.

Our IT team is looking into this now. I’ll post again once this is fixed. In the meantime, it does seem that the data extracts are working properly, and this is just a website display issue.

This problem is fixed now. Sorry for the confusion.