Message: Not Authorized You do not own that data request

I’m currently in the process of trying to download IPUMS MEPS data for a class project and even though I am successful in processing the request, whenever I try to download the selected data i receive the message: “Not Authorized You do not own that data request”.

I have checked my account to see if I filled out all the agreements and I am still running into issues. is there a trouble shooting guide or any tips for accessing data when this message is given?

Looks like finding a solution was quicker than I thought.

Turns out that if you are using chrome browser you will run into this issue. to fix this just turn on an incognito window and download the file as usual.

more tips on this general problem can be found here: How to Fix 'Failed-Forbidden' Error when Downloading From Google Drive? -

I am glad this was a quick fix. It looks like you just recently created an IPUMS account; the issue is likely that your login credentials were stored by your browser before you had verified your email address. A hard refresh of your browser (CTRL + R works in most browsers) or clearing your cache should take care of this (for others reading this and experiencing a similar issue).