Medicaid Coverage for Children

According to IPUMS documentation, for 1980-1987, information on Medicaid coverage was collected only for persons age 15 and above. However, the Census Bureau edited the data to allot coverage to some children. I would like to clarify why I see data for children under 15 for 1980-1987. Are these only children that were allocated Medicaid coverage from Census Bureau or are these children for whom adults answered?

For these years, the Census Bureau allocated this variable (HIMCAIDLY) for children based on the responses of their parents. As noted on the variable description page:

All children under age 21 in families were assumed to be covered by Medicaid if either the householder or spouse reported being covered by Medicaid. All adult AFDC recipients and their children, and SSI recipients living in states which legally required Medicaid coverage for persons receiving Supplemental Security Income, were also coded as β€œyes” in HIMCAIDLY.

Although not explicitly stated, children who did not fall into those categories were coded as β€œNo.”

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