Mathcing IPUMS variable name to CPS original names

Hi. Where can I find the equivalent IPUMS variable name for any CPS variable? For instance, the CPS Supplements mention PRPERTYP and HRINTSTA. How do I determine what these are called in an extract from IPUMS? Thanks.

Unfortunately, there is not currently a mechanism to compare IPUMS and original Census Bureau variable names for CPS data. This is on our radar as something that would benefit researchers, but I do not have a specific timeline for when we might get to this work. For the specific variables you mentioned, PRPERTYP corresponds to the IPUMS variable POPSTAT and HRINTSTA corresponds to the IPUMS variable HHINTYPE. I will also note that beyond different variable names, IPUMS may use different codes to facilitate comparability of the variable across time (e.g., variables with additional response categories in some months/years).