Marriage economics and tabulating data on individuals based on their spouses

I’m researching marriage economics and am having trouble figuring out how to view the right data in STATA. I do not know how to narrow down my sample size of individuals based on the characteristics of their spouses. I have a very large dataset that includes sploc, sprule, relate, related, sex, marst, pernum, and lots of other variables for this study but right now I’m lost as to which to use and how to use them.

e.g. I want to tabulate information on uhrswork and other employment data for wives of husbands whose uhrswork > x # of hours (cishet marriage employment decisions as applied game theory study).

Thank you,

The simplest way to do this is using the “attach characteristics” functionality when creating your extract. Just add the variables of interest to you cart and on the Extract Request page you can select the Attach Characteristics button. This lets you add the variables’ values for the person’s spouse, mother, father, or householder. This does all the hard work of correctly using the information in SPLOC, PERNUM etc. for you. The spouse’s value will be included in a new variable with suffix “_sp” for example UHRSWORK1_SP.

Thank you Matthew! I just submitted a new data extract request with attached characteristics.