couple's wages

Where can I find husband & wife’s wage respectively? How to make a data extraction like that?

INCWAGE reports each respondent’s wage and salary income individually. Therefore, the observation for a husband (or wife) will include only his (or her) wages. In order to determine if someone is a husband or wife, you can use MARST (Marital Status) to identify married persons and SEX to determine if a married person is a husband or wife.

When you create the data extract, you can choose Attach Characteristics and check the “Spouse” box for INCWAGE to attach each spouse’s INCWAGE value to the other spouse’s observation. This new variable will be named INCWAGE_SP. Additionally, if you are interested in including only spouses in the extract, then you can choose Select Cases and limit the data extract to individuals with MARST=“1 Married, spouse present”.

For more information on creating a data extract in general, see this Instruction Guide and the IPUMS-USA FAQ page.

Hope this helps.