Los Angeles City PUMAs


Okay, so my understanding is that Los Angeles County PUMAs happen to fit neatly into the county borders … Do 2010 PUMAs neatly fall into LA city boundaries, too (i.e., they don’t overlap with other cities in the county)?

I’m looking at this list:


I’m wondering if I combined the 22 PUMAs listed with “LA City” in the name, if that would actually make up Los Angeles City without overlapping with other areas outside of the city boundaries.



On the Description tab for the variable CITYERR, you can find a spreadsheet with the level of omission and commission errors by city. Using the 24 PUMAs corresponding to Los Angeles city (CITY=3730) results in 2.64% of the LA city population being omitted and 2.525% of the PUMA population including respondents that do not live within Los Angeles city. The 2010 PUMAs do not perfectly identify LA city largely due to PUMAs 3707 and 3748, which overlap with the cities of San Fernando and Culver, respectively. As well, small portions of PUMAs 3720, 3726, 3728, 3731, 3736, and 3758 overlap with LA city but are not included in CITY=3730 (see the Large Places crosswalk on the CITYERR Description tab).

Hope this helps.