Limited observations in June-August 1995?

I am noticing that CPS respondents in months 6,7,8 of the 1995 CPS only have 1 to 3 observations total in the dataset (over 90% of the sample in these months only has one observation). Additionally, these observations take on MISH values ranging from 1-8. Is there a reason related to survey design or any other factors why this is happening, and why it is happening only in this 3-month period? Thanks!

If I understand correctly, you are trying to link June-August 1995 CPS data to leverage the panel component of the data. We are aware of this issue (see this forum post), but don’t have an explanation for why this is happening. The IPUMS CPS team will look into this further, but I don’t have a definitive timeline for that work. I am sure this isn’t the answer you were hoping for; thanks for your patience and keeping this on our radar.

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