How can I match between June 1995 and September 1995?


I am trying to follow individuals between CPS June 1995 and CPS September 1995. I am not able to use CPSID CPSIDP to uniquely identify individuals accross those two months due to design issue of the CPSID CPSIDP in 1995. Would there be another method for me to be able to uniquely identify individuals in those two months, and match individuals across those two months?

Thank you very much for your help.

You are correct that linking individuals from June, July, and August to surrounding months in 1995 samples is made impossible by the fact that the Census Bureau scrambled households identifiers in these months. This was done to protect respondent confidentiality due to changes in geographical identifiers. There are three time frames for making individual links over time using CPSID. (1) May 1995 and prior, (2) June, July, and August 1995, and (3) September 1995 and onward. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any alternative methods for linking individuals across these time frames.