June Fertility CPS supplement?


I am sorry, I’m confused about the June Fertility CPS supplement. I cannot find it on the website. I don’t see it on the drop down menu on the CPS and I can’t find the variables in the search function. I feel like I’m missing something obvious.

Thank you!

IPUMS has not yet released the 2022 CPS Fertility Supplement. We work to make supplements available promptly following their release by the Census Bureau, and we usually release the Fertility Supplement data in the summer following the Census Bureau release. The IPUMS CPS revision history page will be updated as soon as new data are available.

Thanks. My question is just about how to access past years of the Fertility Supplement. I can’t find them anywhere. Could you provide a link or insight about where they are? I must be missing something.

I’m sorry I misunderstood your question. In the data browser, click the button that says either “select samples” or “change samples.”

Then click “basic monthly” and then “supplement topics.” From there, click “fertility and marriage” and you will be able to select samples that include the Fertility and Marriage Supplement.

I get it now! I was trying to find the variables before selecting the sample and couldn’t find them. I see them now. Thanks so much!