ISSUE opening IPUMS in Mac Laptop

I have tried to download the IPUMS to my laptop, I am unable to provide a link to the do.file, because I am working remotely. My mac has STATA16 however, I am unable to provide the cd “link” to pair with the dat file. Does anyone have any suggestions? Typically, I have used my H drive (as a link) when I was using my office computer.
Currently, I have the file saved on my desktop, and tried finding the properties (hoping for a link) to no success. Can someone please assist me?

You should be able to log into your IPUMS account and download the .do file associated with your extract again. I suggest putting the .do and .dat file in the same directory on your computer, navigating there in Stata, and then running the .do file. When the two files are in the same directory and you execute the .do file from that directory in Stata, there is no need to update filepaths in the .do file.

Alternatively, you could resubmit your extract and request that it be produced in Stata format already so you do not need to worry about the .do file at all. Please note that formatted extracts take longer for our system to produce than fixed width extracts accompanied by a syntax file.