Trouble with downloading and extracting IPUMS data in STATA

I am having trouble to extract and then use the data I have downloaded from IPUMS.

I have tried following the steps here (dowloading the IPUMS data and extracting it with 7zip) : IPUMS USA.
But when I get step 3, I get this error message in STATA: file not found, r(601).

I am fairly sure I have set up the correct working directory, so I don’t understand why it is not working. For some reason, I simply am not managing to turn an extract into a DTA file to use in Stata.

Moreover, when I see the extracted file in my file explorer and simply right click to open it with Stata, I get this message instead: "C:\Users\clero\OneDrive\Documenti\Master’s thesis\STATA\ipumsi_00002.dat\ipumsi> _00002.dat is not a valid command name

When I try to open it with File Viewer, I get this message: “The file is damaged or 1 File Viewer could not open this file: C:\Users\clero\AppData\Local\Temp\AweZip\Temp1\AweZip7\ipumsi_00002.dat”

I do not believe the file to be damaged, but what can I do to use the IPUMS data in Stata?

Thank you for your time and help.