Is tribal data different in TRIBE vs. RACED variable? (IPUMS-USA, 2017 ACS)

Is there any meaningful different between the American Indian tribal data available in the TRIBE vs. RACED variable? (IPUMS-USA, 2017 ACS) It appears they both derive from the same ACS race question. Also, my analysis pertains to American Indian single AND multirace (AOIC) persons.

On this page (, it says tribal data is not available for multiracial American Indians. Is RACED in any way superior then for my analysis?

Thanks in advance!

-Andi Egbert, APM Research Lab

In the 2017 ACS sample the identification of specific American Indian tribes is identical in the TRIBE and RACED variables, for those who reported only an American Indian or Alaska Native (AIAN) race. Persons who reported more than one race, even if one of these included an AIAN race, are not included in the TRIBE variable. So, if you want to identify individuals who list an AIAN race among other major race categories, then RACED likely has more pertinent information for your analysis. With that said, there is very little detail about specific tribes for individuals who do not report only an AIAN race.

Thank you, Jeff.