Is there are standard set of value labels for the 2000 and/or 2010 PUMA geocoded variable,state code + PUMA?

For example,

Alabama’s ST is 1, Alabama has a (2000/2010) PUMA 00100.

The unique nationwide geocode for that area, then, would be 100100. Is there a list of value labels for 100100 and the other 2000+ unique nationwide geocodes that would allow

me to associate each geocode with a relevant descriptive value label, as for instance, in SPSS:

Value Labels


100100 ‘Alabama NORTHEAST Counties PUMA’

The PUMA codes based on the 2000 Census (which apply to data from the 2000 Census as well as the 2005-2011 American Community Survey) did not include descriptive names such as ‘Alabama NORTHEAST Counties PUMA’. The Census Bureau did release detailed maps tables describing PUMA contents (available here), but the PUMAs were never given standardized names.The new PUMA codes based on the 2010 Census (which are only applied to the 2012 ACS IPUMS data at the moment) do have standardized descriptive names. The names were created following these guidelines by State Data Centers. IPUMS-USA does not currently generate labels for PUMAs, as the variable is still separate from the state identification variable. You can download a list of the 2010 PUMAs with their descriptive names from the TIGERweb Data Files under 2010 Census Public Use Microdata Areas.
I hope this helps.